Monday, 26 April 2010

Art Agora Discussion

CGTV and the Commu(o)nist Gallery:

The Communist Gallery was located in Brixton Village Market from May 2010 -  September 2010.

Collected Works at the Gallery (July 2010): Artists Elaine Arkell, Antonio Cabrera, Andrew Cooper, Lisa Cradduck, Enda Deburca, Anne-Catherine Le Deunff, Charlie Fox, Mikey Georgeson, Dean Kenning, Anna Laura Lopez de la Torre, Daniel Lehan and Brixton Market Artists

We have now launched the initiative - CGTV  (Commo(u)nist Gallery TV) - that will run concurrently with other collective activities, as a platform for collected creative actions. Locations of CGTV and possibility of viewing will be announced from February 2011.
Expressions of interest or to contribute please email:

The Original Call Out:
Over the following weeks and months Art Agora will initiate, spawn and support discussions on Why Art? What Art? How Art? You can follow or join the debates on agora forum or contribute by turning up to events and initiatives organised and supported by the Agora.
A Time to Build
Art, Revolution
and Taking Power

We have an opportunity to create a Communist Gallery and explore alternative values that grow from the individuals that partake in a wall-less gallery and shape it through questioning a new communist vision. This isn't allied to any political party - but a chance to re-explore the tradition of emancipation and alternative vision going back to Winstanley, Blake, Rosa Luxemburg, Dessalines and Sparticus. Come and talk, make work, bring work and other literature.
Thank you to all the artists, individuals and market traders who have contributed to the Gallery Exhibition.

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