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to celebrate our first pub(lick) outing beyond Brixton

CGTV will begin broadcast from Bunhouse until 27nd March 2011

MARX THE MOLE & ARTAUD - Talks and Performance @ Brick Box Cafe

Marx the Mole and Artaud @ Brixton Village Market, Brick Box, 24.02.2011


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C O M M U N I S T    G A L L E R Y
OPEN for (re)action - YOUR ART HERE - Pop up Gallery

Date:             20th June 2010

Time:           1 – 5pm Sunday Afternoon

Space:         Camberwell Green, junction Camberwell Road, SE5

A counterproductions pop-up gallery in association with Art-Agora, The Communist Gallery, Marguerite and Anne-Catherine Le Deunff and supported by Camberwell Arts; the table top gallery will be showing work, while providing a space for an exchange of views on the efficacy and efficiency of art.
We will also be providing a variety of stencils for members of the public to make and reproduce their artistic statements. Family and friends (are invited) will help with production.