agora statement

Art Agora is neither affliated to any institution or funded by specific body or interest group. The Agora's independence is maintained by the diversity and commitment of the individual artists willing to contribute to the open, frank exchanges initiated within its bounds. Its legitimacy lies in its formal approaches to public discourse in the creation of an agora that exists as a market for the trading of ideas, practices and initiatives; providing proofs for the efficacy and relevance of certain artistic and universal truthes.
Art Agora is open to anyone disenchanted with current art discourse, practice or education - literally, struggling to wrestle back art, from the overweening clutches of the artworld. Here we will create the possibility of another market, another schooling, another thinking, other desires, alternatives and atopias.

Art Agora is an open source initiative that provides a platform for events and projects driven by the concerns, approaches, desires and questions of all its contributors.

Please join the project, debate and comment by following and contributing to the Art Agora events, the realtime events, the statements (of intent), the blogschool, blogforum and blogcreation. Everyones' voice shall and can be heard.

Commentary and statements from first 3 weeks of Communist Gallery (Brixton Market)

I hate my work, but one
needs to work, right?

Or does one need to eat?
one definitely needs to eat.

But does one need work to eat?
One needs money to eat

Does one need money to eat?
One needs food to eat

Now we need space and 
All 'hated' work 
should be shared so 
in small doses it becomes 

Food, love, housing,
holidays, health,
'culture' is so easily shared with all,
no one hording for self and larger self 
as this brings soul burial.

All 'gifts', 'skills',
are happily 
part of our human heritage and we'd love to give them away
Every element has a unique property blended together this is what makes nature such a wonderful system.
So how does human consciousness fit into this?
The human conscious' unique property is to be interested-initially to act as natures sensory system, but we have stopped being interested in nature, now we are too interested in ourselves at the cost of nature.
Alice Murray with drawing of an ear
4 Id ear ls 
Its crazy to create such a place!
Now Human Life has never been Cheaper
Methadone and 120 proof 
largers was a significant
and deliberate attack on
working men and women
recently deprived of 
lively hoods in 1980's-
Just say no campaign
was cynical, it was
devised to obliterate
protest by the redundant
and economically displaced,
to distract,
the socially excluded
necessary for the
advanced capitalists 
to build New Jerusalem 
of Thatcherism and

Why is there no money in 
the state kitty?

Because the smash and grab 
of the 80's, the sub
The poor have been quantitively 
tossed deeper into poverty

The snake man 

7. Le Temps des Cerises